Monday, January 22, 2024

Is Ellis Ross ready to make the Federal jump? A national Conservative publication says Yes ...

Skeena MLA Ellis Ross in the BC Legislature in December,
There are indications from Ontario that the MLA will soon change
to the Federal scene with a run for the Conservaties in Skeena-Bulkley Valley

See update at bottom of article 

What could make for one of the most hotly contested Federal election campaigns in years for Skeena-Bulkley Valley could soon be firing off the starting gun for the election to come. 

That with word coming out of Ontario today that Ellis Ross, the current Provincial BC United MLA for Skeena, is set to shift his optical focus to the federal scene.

An article in True North, a digital  publication which has a significant Conservative slant, has indicated that Ross will announce on Wednesday of his intention to run for the Conservatives in Skeena-Bulkley Valley.

It may be hard to hold onto that timeline for an announcement however, what with Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre coming to the Northwest tomorrow for his Axe the Tax Rally at Prince Rupert's Lester Centre.

A forum which would make for a good opportunity to deliver the news of what would be for many a popular option come the next election and a strong catch for the Poilievre led Conservatives.

It's of some note, that Mr. Ross is not listed on the BC United website as having confirmed his candidacy in the next provincial election.

We've speculated in the past as to how Ross would be a good fit for the Conservatives on the Federal scene, with many of his policies and political views in sync with the Federal collective. 

Particularly when it comes to energy development and engagement with Indigenous Nations across Canada. He also has many similar views on resource development and gun owner rights to name a few areas of shared commentaries.

When it comes to the most recent polling from 338 Canada, the numbers would suggest there would be a strong opportunity for success for Ross,  come the next federal election, should he enter it carrying the Conservative flag.

The most recent polling review from Sunday indicates a Conservative Victory with 46% of the vote and that's without any kind of a high profile candidate in place to take up the challenge to incumbent Taylor Bachrach.

The 338 Canada national overview would suggest, that if he were the candidate, Mr. Ross would be part of what could be a historic election victory for the Pierre Poilievre led Conservatives.

Those findings aren't much different than what the polling firm Angus Reid has delivered today, which shows the Conservatives far ahead of the Liberals who are in somewhat of a free fall for voter intentions and the NDP who are holding their own and likely siphoning off some dissatisfied LIberals.  

Though both trail the Conservaties in the overall polling, with Poilievre likely to have the first opportunity to govern in a minority vote situation; though the party is focused towards gaining a majority government placement. 

All of that dependent on how the vote count rolls out when we go to the polls.

If the forecast of today would play out, the combined NDP/Liberal vote would still hold a slim edge on election day, though with the NDP in a much stronger position and the Liberals facing some extensive losses.  

Something that would surely see the NDP double down efforts to hold Skeena-Bulkley Valley.

The election call is not anticipated  before 2025, unless the NDP somehow decide to end their current arrangement with the Liberals and spark a confidence vote in the House of Commons.

So far the Skeena MLA's social media stream remains focused on provincial issues and themes,  and the Skeena-Bulkley Valley Conservatives aren't spilling any beans either.

With the rumblings however of the potential change to the Federal Scene, that could change very soon and Northwest residents may get a sneak preview of what's to come tomorrow night at the Lester Centre. 

Update: Kevin Falcon the BC United leader, delivered the BC Scoop, announcing the Ross decision provincially.  

Mr. Ross will now enter the nomination process for Skeena-Bulkley Valley, the timing of their vote on the next party candidate still to be announced.

More notes on the Federal political scene can be reviewed here.


  1. This would be exciting news if Ellis moves up to Federal politics.
    Voters will turn out to send him to Ottawa.

  2. It's a strange narrative, appealing to British Columbians to axe a federal tax (and rebate) that does not apply in this province. Or perhaps Poilievre, who complains about federal Liberal overreach, is calling for intervention into the Province's jurisdiction over climate action policy. That would fail; the courts have said that the feds can set higher climate action standards, but that does not mean that the feds can require provinces to axe their standards. Or maybe it's just a case of lets axe taxes, to which some will reply 'I'm all in for that' without considering the consequences. There is so much rhetoric.

    1. For those who are hung up on election slogans or stump speech narratives,
      Here are some NDP gems
      Ready for Better
      In it for You
      In Quebec the NDP slogan was “On se bat pour vous” We fight for you.

      Looks like they are in it with the Liberals and once an election is called. They will fight to remain relevant without the confidence and supply arrangement.

    2. Thanks for the reply, but I don't see the NDP and their vacuous slogans as being relevant federally (provincial is a different matter). That being said, "Axe the Tax" is more than a slogan or a stump speech narrative.

  3. Best news I've read in along time. Let's go.