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Blog Watching: Week ending January 28, 2024

 A City Council week brought us a couple of items for our list of five, notes of interest that book mark our listings at top and bottom.

The first a look at the plans for a new development for housing on Second Avenue West and the variances requested for it, the other item  a look at the work ahead for the roof of the Lester Centre of the arts and how the City plans to pay the million dollar cost.

Federal politics gained two spots in our weekly review, both related to the announcement of a Conservative Candidate for the next federal election.

Out notes on the announcement of Ellis Ross as the Skeena-Bulkley Valley Candidate for the Tories and how the current incumbent Taylor Bachrach reacted to the news gained a large audience this week.

And The City of Prince Rupert owned Communication company CityWest was in the news this week, that with an update on the long running fibre optic break and service outage issues for Haida Gwaii.

The most read item of the week however, came out of the Monday City Council session and what's coming for the corner of Second Ave West and Seventh Street.

Council to review plans to add housing options for property on  Second Avenue West at Sevenths Street   -- A request for a pair of variances for a property redevelopment in the downtown core made for some discussion at the Monday Council session, with parking the main theme of note from the conversation.    (posted January 22 , 2024

That article was followed by: 

Is Ellis Ross ready to make the Federal jump?  A national Conservative publication say yes --  Things moved fast Monday on a political note that captured interest not only in the Northwest, but in BC and on the national stage, that as Ellis Ross confirmed rumours of his entry in Federal politics and a quest for the Skeena Bulkley Valley seat in the House of Commons.     (posted January 22, 2024)

NDP take up the 'Ellis Ross Challenge with first nots on Skeena-Bulkley 'valley Conservatives announcement -- Whenrever the next Federal election comes our way, voters in Skeena-BulkleyValley will be part of on election night narrative, with the local riding one expected to be a highly contested, one with the announcement of the Ellis Ross candidacy ahead, the region's NDP supporters are ready for the upcoming battle.  (posted January 23 , 2024

CityWest points to unsanctioned crab fishery as cause of recent fibre breaks affecting service to Haida Gwaii -- The City of Prince Rupert owned communication company has outlined the latest notes on the near month Lon fibre optic service interruption to customers on Haida Gwaii.  (posted January 26 , 2024
Lester Centre roofing plans to move forward with some civic funding shuffling and hopes for a PRPA. grant -- With over a million dollars required towards repairs for the Lester Centre of the Arts roofing structure, City Council decided to put aside plans for the replacement of a traffic light, as well as to hope for success with a grant request for the Prince Rupert Port Authority.   (posted January 24 , 2024

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