Tuesday, January 23, 2024

NDP take up the Ellis Ross Challenge, with first notes on Skeena-Bulkley Valley Conservatives announcement

It's just day one of what is really just the prelude to the next federal election  but the Federal NDP appear to be ready to defend their long held bastion in the Northwest.

With the party issuing their first statement today towards the announcement yesterday that Ellis Ross has joined the Pierre Poilievre team towards the next election.

In a statement today, the NDP hailed the work of incumbent MP Taylor Bacharach and warned of what they view will be the Ross and Poilievre agenda should they claim power when we next go to the polls.

Bachrach called the move to the federal scene by Ross a troubling one, putting forward climate change as an issue likely to be a key campaign topic in the moths ahead.

“I’m proud of my record standing up for Northwest communities, protecting services people need, and getting results with programs like dental care. 

When you send New Democrats to Parliament, we fight for people and communities, not for oil and gas corporations or rich CEOs,

It’s troubling Ellis Ross would throw his lot in with Poilievre and the Conservative’s when they don’t have workable plans to deal with the biggest issues facing the Northwest — especially climate change.”  - NDP MP Taylor Bachrach (Skeena – Bulkley Valley)

The NDP MP also called on a labour ally, Rob Ashton President of the ILWU  for an early endorsement towards the political battle that is shaping up.

''Taylor Bachrach has been a tireless fighter for workers in Skeena-Bulkley Valley and across the country. Taylor doesn't just talk or make empty promises, he consistently shows up for and stands with workers, instead of backing rich CEOs and bosses. He’s a strong ally of ILWU, and a good example of what we need in Ottawa.''

The Northwest likely will soon see many more such testimonials for the incumbent from local labour unions and environmental groups.

The political positioning will continue tonight, with Ellis Ross and Pierre Poilevre set for their Axe the Tax Rally tonight at the Lester Centre.

An event which will now also serve as the launch party of sorts for the Ross campaign ahead.

More on the Federal political scene can be explored here.


  1. Claire Rattee deserves a lot of credit for growing the conservative brand in this riding.
    She closed the gap to 2408 votes during the last election.
    Voters will turn out for Ellis and send a conservative to Ottawa for the first time since the 2000 election.

  2. It’s time for change. We have sent an NDP to Ottawa for 24 years in a row and Skeena-BV is in worse shape than it ever has been. I’ve had enough.

    1. How was it better 24 years ago?

    2. Good question. It wasn't better 24 years ago. Skeena Cell was months away from closing and filing for bankruptcy, The tax arrears almost broke the City. Conversion of Fairview Terminal to containers was just an idea. There has been huge investment and growth since then. The entire situation is much better today.

    3. The NDP-Liberal coalition has made an inefficient government inept.
      Full cellular coverage on highway 16, close to a decade and still not complete.
      Barriers and gatekeepers are all municipalities get when trying to get funds for infrastructure, where’s the DMAF funding for Rupert?
      Non violent crime is up double digits in Rupert, Terrace and Smithers.
      Source - https://canadacrimeindex.com/crime-severity-index?sort=population&min_population=0&province=BC

      Cullen made his way to the front row in Ottawa as official opposition. Which was an achievement.
      Taylor will always be on the back benches and the NDP will be lucky to maintain official party status after the next election because they hitched their wagon to the Liberals.

  3. With Pierre as prime minister and Ellis as a strong voice in Ottawa (perhaps with an energy portfolio, which is his strength) Prince Rupert will be well positioned to become a leading oil exporting port.

    1. Oil exports through the port may be good for Alberta but not be so much for BC and maybe a disaster.