Monday, January 22, 2024

As they make plans for 2024 Tourism season, Tourism Prince Rupert seeks your opinion on what makes the region special to you

With the look back at 2023 completed in December, officials at Tourism Prince Rupert are turning their attention to the year ahead and the first bit of business they have taken on is to seek our our opinion on those things about the Prince Rupert experience that are special. 

Tourism Prince Rupert is hosting an online survey as part of plans for a rebrand in 2024, with the local tourism office to use the feedback towards how they promote the region in the year ahead.

As Tourism Prince Rupert embarks on an exciting rebranding journey, we deeply value the insights and perspectives of our local community. Your experiences, stories, and connections to Prince Rupert are the heartbeat of our city's identity. 

We invite you to share what makes Prince Rupert special to you – whether it's the natural beauty that surrounds us, the rich maritime history, the unique culture and traditions, or the sense of community that defines our way of life. 

Your feedback will be invaluable in shaping the future narrative of Prince Rupert and ensuring that our rebranding efforts resonate authentically with both residents and visitors alike. Together, let's celebrate and showcase the essence of Prince Rupert that we hold dear.

As part of their planning for 2024, the findings of their year end review from last year will help to shape that narrative, with the report noting of some of the highlights from 2023, covering a range of initiatives and long term programs that found a good reception last season.

As they move into the late winter and early spring, Tourism Prince Rupert is following up on some interesting initiatives to share word of what the region has to offer and tap into more markets and areas of traveller experiences.  

Among some of those plans, the return of Dine Out Prince Rupert, which this year will provide a selection of dining options to explore from February 18 to March 3.

Find out more about what's planned through the event page here, or by way of  the social media page created for the event.

Tourism Prince Rupert is also looking to be Rainbow Registered,  part of a national program to highlight LGBT + Friendly businesses and organizations.

Tourism Prince Rupert is currently working towards becoming a Rainbow Registered destination. Rainbow Registered is a national accreditation for LGBT+ friendly businesses and organizations. When you see a Rainbow Registered symbol, you know the business or organization meets a stringent set of standards to ensure LGBT+ customers feel safe, welcomed, and accepted. 

The accreditation program grants a time-limited recognition to businesses and organizations for demonstrating compliance with the quality standard. Accredited businesses are deemed market ready for the LGBT+ customer and given the right to be associated with the program's prestigious Rainbow Registered designation.

Tourism Prince Rupert is also set to put to use some funding towards Indigenous Learning and projects for the local tourism offices.

Destination British Columbia, in partnership with Indigenous Tourism BC, is providing over $350,000 in funding to 33 community Visitor Centres across British Columbia through the Indigenous Learning & Projects Grant for Visitor Services. 

This application-based funding continues to support Visitor Centre staff in communities across BC to strengthen relationships and create opportunities for partners to collaborate and work together on impactful Indigenous focused projects, engaging activities, and training. 

This initiative builds upon Destination BC's and Indigenous Tourism BC's shared commitment to creating a unified tourism industry in BC. It aims to enhance culturally enriching tourism experiences and connections for visitors, while respecting Indigenous Peoples, cultures, and lands, and supporting Indigenous communities in growing Indigenous tourism through partnerships with Visitor Centres and their staff at the community level.

And since before we know it, the tourists will be arriving, it's never too early to get ahead on volunteer recruitment and with the Cruise season schedule set to pick up where the 2023 season left off, Cruise ambassadors are at the top of their list.

Tourism Prince Rupert is looking for volunteers for the Cruise Ambassador Program to showcase the history, culture and attractions available in Prince Rupert to guests arriving this season. For more information, contact

You can learn more about their 2023 review and plans for 2024 through the Tourism Prince Rupert website and social media stream.

Be sure to check out their listings of community events, for your community guide as to what's going on through the months.

More notes on Tourism across the Northwest can be explored here.   

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