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Blog Watching: Week ending January 21, 2024

The News made the news this week, with yet another Canadian newspaper chain facing changes, this one close to home as the Black Press group and its collective of papers in Northwest BC seek creditor protection and make plans for a sale to a group of investors.  

A year of declining shipments, mostly found at the DP World Fairview Container Facility was the main item of note from the final data release on port shipments in 2023 from the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

Concerns over unregistered dental workers in BC found their way to Prince Rupert that through an advisory from the BC College of Oral Health Professionals, the details noting of an individual who worked in BC and appears to have been in Prince Rupert for a brief period of time.

The City of Prince Rupert's plans for repair of the Sixth Avenue Bridge gained a mixed reaction this week, with much of the commentary towards the city delivered through their own Social media stream.

And the city has seen more vandalism this time with arson take place, with the concerning situation moving from downtown to the Prince Rupert Golf Course on Ninth West.

The most read item of the week however, was our notes related to this weeks announcement on he fate for Black Press and its holdings of community papers in BC.

Black Press, owners of the Northern View, to move forward on corporate restructuring and sale transaction  --  More challenges for Canada's newspaper business, with the ownership of the papers of the northwest, including Prince Rupert's Northern View set to change, the impact on the chains publications something which likely awaits word from the new ownership groups.   (posted January 15, 2024

That article was followed by: 

2023 brought Five percent decline in annual shipment volume for Prince Rupert Port Authority    --   The final bit of data for 2023 from the Port of Prince Rupert charts the success and challenges of the terminals of the Gateway footprint. (posted January 18, 2024)

Local Dental clinic among those who used hygienist not registered for practice in BC --   A case file from police in Saanich, has given the BC College of Oral Health Professionals cause to alert patties around BC of the work of un registered worker.  (posted January   17 , 2024

City of Prince Rupert;'s Sixth Avenue Bridge plans getting a bit of push back from public through city's social media stream  -- The City's decision to keep the status of the Sixth Avenue Bridge as a one way eastbound crossing until repairs are completed later this year  generated some conversation on the city's own Social media page.  (posted January 15, 2024
Prince Rupert Golf Course latest facility to see vandalism and property damage  -- More vandalism was reported around Prince Rupert this past week, with the city's public golf course the venue for a vandalism and arson spree.  (posted January 16, 2024

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