Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Safety concerns led to recent landfill site closure. Coming out of it, City reminds residents of responsible firearm use and limitations within city limits

The City of Prince Rupert has outlined what led to the closure
of the landfill site earlier this month

Some details towards the early January landfill site closure on the Ridley Island Access Road, offer up a valuable reminder for residents towards the safe, proper and legal use of firearms within the city limits and perhaps some of the challenges and potential dangers that City workers can face during the course of regular day.
As we noted on January 9th, the city had issued a Public Notice just  before the noon hour closing the landfill for the day.  Those types of advisories have been an occasional occurrence in the past, and while an inconvenience, they usually are related to extreme weather situations.

However, in a follow up correspondence this morning towards the closure, the NCR reached out to  Veronika Stewart, the City's Manager of Communications, Engagement and Social Development  to see if the closure had been an extensive one and when the landfill had reopened.
Towards what as it turns out was just a one day closure on the ninth, Ms. Stewart outlined a scenario that defines the term 'unforeseen circumstances' and one likely to make for an interesting conversation piece for the next Health and Safety Meetings. 

"It was an isolated incident related to external activity around the landfill. There were firearms discharged in the vicinity, so we were forced to close for the day as a health and safety precaution."

With that incident still fresh in mind,  the City would like to remind the community that the discharge of firearms on Kaien Island is illegal (as that’s within City limits), apart from at the Rod and Gun club. 

They also encourage residents to call ahead before you make the trip out to the Ridley Island Access Road, those numbers are 250-624-5482 or 250-624-4307.

More notes from Civic Operations can be reviewed through our archive page.

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