Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Unsanctioned fishing activity off Haida Gwaii latest challenge for return of CityWest internet and TV services for Haida Gwaii

Residents of Haida Gwaii who subscribe to CityWest services remain without them as we cross into mid January, the service interruption one which began prior to Christmas has seen repair efforts sidelined mostly owing to weather issues,. 

Though in their latest update, the City of Prince Rupert owned communication company is pointing towards frustrations over unsanctioned fishing off the coast of the islands as the reason towards delays in the return of service.

The CityWest maintenance and outages page notes that as of now, there is no firm timeline in place towards the resumption of services for those on Haida Gwaii

A look at the history of the repair attempts since the Christmas period can be explored below:

As we outlined earlier this month, aware of the frustration of their customers, CityWest has announced plans to offer discounted services to Haida Gwaii customers, once the fibre connection is restored.

Though if the service disruption continues for much longer, many of those loyal customers may begin to source out alternative options for their internet and television viewing requirements. 

More notes on the Prince Rupert based communication company can be explored through our archive page


  1. It’s their own fault for running a subsea cable through prime crab pit fishing grounds. Find a new route!

  2. The connected coast project costs over $45 Million, and they didn't forsee this issue?

  3. Rupert taxpayers are on the hook.