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Ross/Poilievre deliver preview of Federal election campaign themes for good crowd in Prince Rupert Tuesday

Pierre Poilievre and Ellis Ross at their Tuesday rally in Prince Rupert
From Skeena-BV FB)

The Pierre Poilievre road show finally rolled those final kilometres down Highway 16 from Terrace, with the Conservative leader making a long anticipated visit to the west of the Skeena Valley hub city he has visited often in recent months.

Poilievre who was in town Tuesday for his Axe the Tax Rally at the Lester Centre also used the event as the debutante ball of sorts for the newest candidate for the Conservatives in the next Federal election.

With Skeena MLA Ellis Ross joining his new leader for the near one hour event in Prince Rupert the pair delivered some of their key talking points for the months ahead of a good sized and enthusiastic crowd in the foyer of the city's Center of the Arts.

The announcement of a much anticipated, but  held close to the vest jump to the Federal scene, came on Monday, with the newest Conservative candidate outlining his plans moving forward.

Tuesday night, both the leader and the Conservative candidate for Skeena-Bulkley Valley touched on a range of topics likely to be part of the national campaign in the year ahead as we get closer to one election period.

Ross for his part spoke of economic opportunity for the Northwest, development of resources and taking the message from the region to Ottawa.

Following his opening remarks, Mr. Ross introduced the Conservative leader, Mr Poilievre then provided a lengthy review of the background and qualities that the current Skeena MLA will bring the federal riding.  

The former Haisla Chief Councillor someone who has been on the Conservative radar for a few years now and is considered a good get politically in BC.

Mr. Poilievre who has had much experience refining his speech making in the last few years through numerous rallies like the one on Tuesday, then launched into what is clearly going to be the Conservative stump speech in the year ahead. 

Speaking towards a range of themes, from economic issues, public safety, housing concerns and his plans for the CBC to name a few. 

Of note, he highlighted the development of natural resources and noted how Ellis Ross had bee a champion of development since his time as Chief Councillor of the Haisla Nation. Poilievre observing of the many missed opportunities for Canada in becoming a global energy leader.

Delivered without any notes and in a comfortable ease with the audience approach, most of the anecdotes were framed to reflect the Tory view of failure of the Liberals and their associates in the NDP and how the Conservatives are offering what Poilievre called a common sense approach.

Poilievre also made note of the news of the day on the Court Decision that ruled that the use of the Emergencies Act last year was an over reach by the Federal Government.

The opposition leader using some rhetorical flourishes toward the Court announcement and making sure to tie the NDP  to it by their political arrangement in the House of Commons to keep the Liberals in power.

"And now he's been found by the Federal court to have broken the law in order to oppress our citizens and rob us of our civil rights. 

Canada's most senior law maker cannot be a law breaker my friends.

But all the damage that Trudeau has done would not be possible without the help of your local NDP Member of Parliament. You elected him to represent you on Parliament Hill and what did he do, he turned his back on you"

Earlier in the day, the pair held a number of meet and greet sessions in the Northwest  one in Terrace, the other at the Prince Rupert Gun Club, where they spoke to the current Federal Gun Registration issues.  

Many of the themes on the night on social issues and financial elements were fodder for the Conservative base and weren't much different than the themes he used to claim the party leadership.

His long running narrative of Bringing it home one that wrapped up the session last night.

Many of the talking points raised on the night are likely to be rebutted often by the incumbent NDP MP  Taylor Bachrach who is seeking re-election, as well as whomever may be announced for the Green and Liberal parties in the months ahead as the election gets closer. 

For the moment we are still in the very early warm up period towards the upcoming election race, but for the Conservatives Monday provided a preview of some policy themes and a clear outline as to how the country would be run and what they would offer Canadians, should they gain the most support next year.

More notes on the Conservative tour of the Northwest can be revised through the Skeena-Bulkley Valley Social media stream.

You can review the night's presentation at the Lester Centre from the links below:

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