Monday, January 22, 2024

Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue report for December notes on calls for service, training and maintenance work

City Council members will get the latest update from the First Avenue West Fire Hall tonight, with Fire Chief Jeff Beckwith forwarding an update on the work of the City's Fire Fighters through the month of December.

The report to Council, which is part of the Consent Agenda, will note of 75 Emergency Response incidents for the month, eight of which were Fires, one of which saw some significant fire damage suffered by a property on 8th Avenue West.

The 75 incidents responded to in December of 2023, is close the level of 2022 when the PRFD responded to 82 incidents, though both are down from six year high response of December 2021 when Fire Crews attended to 162 incidents.

Also from the Report, an increase in Fire Inspections in December 2023, from that of 2022 with the PRFD conducting nine public building inspections last month.

The PRFD report also outlines  some of the work of their public outreach campaign on social media as well some of their training programs, which saw 26 sessions held in December 2023

Also noted is their maintenance work for the month. 

The Report concludes with a review of the 911 Dispatch Operations which handled a total of 953 calls in December, though the Fire Service was well down the list on requests for assistance through the Dispatch office. 

Calls forwarded to Civic Administration, Ambulance and RCMP were at the top of the list for review.

The full report (see below) is also available as part of the City Council Agenda package for tonight's meeting.

A look at some of the work of Emergency Responders around the Northwest can be reviewed through our archive page here.

Other Notes of interest from tonights City Council Session can be reviewed through our Preview here.

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