Friday, January 19, 2024

UBCM to reprise Housing Forum event of last year; with 2024 edition planned for February 13-14 in Vancouver

With Municipal governments across the province working to understand and act on the recent changes to Housing Legislation as well as to address housing issues in their own communities, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities is planning for a follow up event to last years successful Housing forum.

Set for February 13-14 at the Westin Bayshore, the 2024 edition of the Housing Summit will focus on the continuing crisis in housing affordability and attainability, as well as to consider the effects of recent provincial legislation that has made for significant change to how Housing will be delivered in the province.

“British Columbians are looking to all orders of government to work together to restore the affordability and attainability of homes,” said Councillor Trish Mandewo, UBCM’s president. “The Housing Summit will provide an opportunity for local governments to gather in a constructive forum to take stock of the significant legislative changes the province has introduced to B.C.’s housing system and consider key issues as we move forward.” -- Coquitlam Councillor Trish Mandewo, UBCM president.

Some of the themes to be explored are noted below:

Last April, Prince Rupert City manager Rob Buchan provided a synopsis of what the City learned from the 2023 event

For 2024, UBCM is offering both in person attendance and that of a planned virtual stream for the two day session.

The program that UBCM is putting together for the Housing Summit can be explored here. More additions are anticipated as they get closer to the opening session.

More towards the February plans can be reviewed here

Prince Rupert City Council members gained a snapshot of some of the provincial changes at their January 8th Council session, city staffers will also be providing for a more expanded overview of what they need to know later on this year.

Yesterday we noted of some provincial funding that has been distributed, that will help municipal governments as they work towards the shared housing goals with the BC government.

The February forum likely will also serve to provide them with more guidance on what's ahead and what the province is expecting from municipal government.

More notes on past Council themes can be reviewed here.

Our look at Housing themes in the Northwest  can be explored here.

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  1. It's nice there is a virtual stream option. Our staff can attend electronically. Same as they attend the council meetings!