Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Local Dental clinic among those who used hygienist not registered for practice in BC

The British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals has issued an advisory related to the work of an unregistered dental hygienist who has provided services in a number of British Columbian communities including Prince Rupert it would appear. 

The advisory from the college dated January 11th outlines the details to the investigation into the work of Emmanuel Osaseri, who as the College notes, was not registered to work in the province.

Their investigation was part of case file handled by the Saanich Police department, which outlines the charges that Mr. Osaseri faces.

While Prince Rupert is not mentioned specifically in either the Information release from the College or the Sannicah police report, a contribution to the local Facebook page Prince Rupert Community Bulletin Board includes a response from the owner of the Greenwoods Dental Clinic in Prince Rupert.  

That submission to the social media stream seems to indicate that the hygienist did do some work at their McBride Street Clinic in the city.

To contact the College use their online form or call them at 672-202-0448 or 1-888-202-0448 (toll free).  

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  1. Where is the vetting process that should have been carried out by Greenwoods prior to his starting work?