Monday, January 22, 2024

Council to review plans to add housing options for property on Second Ave West at Seventh Street

A once upon a time Administration office for the RCMP in Prince Rupert
is set for a remake, with council to review plans for a new structure 
at the corner of Second Avenue West and Seventh Street 

Resident of Prince Rupert get their first glimpse tonight of what could soon be the newest construction project in the downtown core, with City Council to receive a report from the Planning Department towards  a proposed development on property backing onto the Highliner Inn.

The Report for Council outlines two variance requests for the property at 800 Second Avenue West:

A request for a variance of the City of Prince Rupert Zoning Bylaw, Section 6.1.0, minimum dimensions required for yards to 0 m to allow the redevelopment of the existing building with the intent by the applicant to have multifamily dwellings and traveller accommodations. 

A request for a variance of the City of Prince Rupert Zoning Bylaw Section 9.1.2 Parking Requirements to allow the building to operate with the existing four parking spaces.

The Proposed development is for a Multi-Family Dwelling and Traveller Accommodation for the site, the structure featuring a low two storey profile for lot.

The building would be a mix of residential and traveller accommodations, with six dwelling units and four traveller accommodation spaces part of the project profile.

Images of proposed development from City of PR Agenda package 

The full report which outlines the scope of setbacks required and the variance requests can be reviewed from the Agenda for tonight's Council session here, starting on page 36.

If Council approves on the request at tonight's session, the development would then move forward to the statutory notification part of the process.

As we outlined back in September of 2023, the property has a bit of a notorious history, from a home invasion in its recent past, to at one time hosting an illegal grow op. 

The new use that is planned, something that makes for a welcome change one imagines for the focus for its future.

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  1. This is an area of the city that seems to be constantly parked up.