Wednesday, January 17, 2024

CityWest to receive 600K in funding for High speed internet program for Sunshine Coast communities

The Federal and Provincial governments have provided funding for two more CityWest Internet connectivity projects, with the two governments allocating $600,000 for work for 140 homes in two underserved communities in BC of sḵelhp (formerly Saltery Bay) and Lund.

The two communities are located on the Sunshine Coast near Powell River and across the Strait of Georgia from the Comox Area. CityWest has been expanding its footprint north and south of the Comox Valley in recent years.

The announcement from Tuesday notes that the funding is part of an existing agreement between the governments of Canada and British Columbia. In March 2022, both governments announced a historic partnership to invest up to $830 million to connect households in all remaining rural, remote and Indigenous communities throughout the province to high-speed Internet. 

Stefan Woloszyn, CEO of CityWest noted how the program of delivering last mile projects to underserved communities has become somewhat of a specialty for the City of Prince Rupert owned communication company.

"CityWest specializes in serving rural and remote communities, and we're thrilled to bring improved Internet services to even more communities in the qathet Regional District. 

These last-mile projects are crucial to ensure that all British Columbians have access to Internet connectivity, allowing them to participate in the digital world. 

We would like to thank the Province of British Columbia, the Northern Development Initiative Trust and the federal government for their connectivity vision." 

The full announcement including comments from Federal Minister Gudie Hutchings and BC Cabinet Minister Lisa Beare can be reviewd here.

More notes on the Prince Rupert based communication company can be explored here.


  1. Can we use this money to fix the break on fibre line to the islands

    1. I'm not sure who you mean by "we", but the funding is for connecting 140 homes on the Sunshine Coast, it's not discretionary funding. According to the provincial announcement CityWest will be contributing $254,000 to the project.

    2. Do they spend as they please or is council informed?

  2. Prince Rupert, Citywest's home market is a monopoly. It is likely the largest rural market serviced by Citywest. Yet Prince Rupert does not have premium fibre service across the entire community.

    The same premium fibre service that Citywest charges an additional $40 per household, per month in other markets that were opened up due to the Connected Coast project.

    Prince Rupert has approximately 5000 households, so a rough business case would show Citywest is leaving up to $200K a month in top line revenue on the table by not prioritizing Prince Rupert. (assuming all Rupert households convert to fibre services and pay the premium)

    Time to invite Citywest brass up the block, they need to answer some questions.