Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Councillor Randhawa returns to past question on ICBC's absence in Prince Rupert.

Prince Rupert City Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa was looking for an update Monday night from staff on a request from December towards the loss of ICBC offices in the community.

As we noted back in December, Mr. Randhawa had raised the issue with word of the closure of Joe's Autobody on Saskatoon Avenue.  

The city's only autobody shop closed its doors in late 2023 and with that closure motorists also saw the closure of in person ICBC Services in the community.

In December Mayor Pond had followed up on the councillors commentary and asked staff to make contact with ICBC to determine if they had any plans to remedy the situation in the community.

"The Direction towards staff is, to get a hold of ICBC and find out what their plans are to provide service to the people of Prince Rupert, now that we've lost the one and only remaining body shop. 

But not so much the body shop but they were the claims Centre now for ICBC, so if you could find out for all of us that would be great"

Monday's quest for an update however will have to be deferred for just a bit longer.  

As Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller observed in reply to his query, finding a contact at ICBC to answer questions had proven harder than had been anticipated.  

Though Ms. Miller did note that with the help of some local insurance agents, she did finally find a name to hopefully gain some background on how ICBC views the situation in Prince Rupert.

"After an exhaustive search of the ICBC website and the world, thanks to our local insurance friends I have been finally able to find someone at ICBC to speak with, so  I have a call scheduled for this week to get to the bottom of how we can fix the situation'

The next opportunity for a public update to the topic could come at the February 12th Council session.

You can review the short back and forth from the Council session through their video archive, with the ICBC conversation  taking place at the 46 minute mark.

More notes related to Monday's Council Session can be explored through our Council Timeline feature.

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