Monday, January 22, 2024

City Council to receive report on ongoing Policy Review work by staff

Approval for Updates to Civic policies is on the Agenda for tonight's Committee of the Whole Session for Prince Rupert City Council, with City Manager Rob Buchan to provide a report and details towards some of the policy rewrites that have been taken on in recent months.

From their work, Staff discovered that several of the city's Administrative and Council policy pieces to ensure that they are still delivering the guidance required.

The report notes of some of the areas where staff found changes were required.

"Several of the policies were found to be old versions that were superseded by newer versions, or contained obsolete information, or were redundant. There were also different policy formats and an inconsistent naming/numbering convention. The majority, though, were only in need of minor, non-substantive changes."

The report which you can review below, provides some details on the policies that have been re-drafted, consolidated or removed completely. 

Among the changes of note: How Council will address Proclamations, changes to how the city will address liquor license referrals and a consolidation of policies related to temporary vending licensing.

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Included in the information related to the Committee of the Whole session is a list of all of the City of Prince Rupert Policies that are noted in the report.

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Beyond the Civic Policy work, the report notes that a smilier administrative review it taking place as well towards Administrative policies.

More notes on tonight's Council Session can be reviewed through our Council Preview feature

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