Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Prince Rupert Firefighters bring a Five Alarm Response to Rampage Fights Cancer Campaign

Members of the Prince Rupert Fire Department at the
Civic Centre on Saturday with their much welcome
donation to the Rampage Fight Cancer campaign

When you make a call in for assistance to the Prince Rupert Fire Department dispatch lines, the response time is pretty impressive as they get to your door. 

So too is the response when the call for help comes towards the fight on Cancer in Prince Rupert.

The month long fundraising campaign by the CIHL's Prince Rupert Rampage has delivered some impressive donations to the Rampage Fights Cancer cause to date. 

But this weekend delivered some very impressive numbers; with the city's Fire Fighter's answering the call with some significant financial support.

That as the Fire Fighters of the First West Fire Hall delivered a cheque for $10,559 to the Rampage Game on Saturday night.

The funding was made possible through the Prince Rupert Firefighters Association Charitable Fund. 

The Rampage Fights Cancer program has been an annual event for a few years now and the success of it comes through the extraordinary efforts of the team members and those off the ice that make things happen down at the Jim.

The month long program has seen a large number of community minded residents, companies and organizations  step up with donations large and small. 

With all of the money raised to stay in the Prince Rupert Area for use in local cancer programs and towards equipment and upgrades at the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital.

While the Rampage finish January off on the ice with a road with a trip to Smithers this weekend, the fundraising off the ice continues.

You can see who has contributed so far to the program this year and find out how you too can become involved through the Prince Rupert Rampage Social Media stream

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