Monday, February 26, 2024

City Council to review two Remedial Property Removal orders at Public Session tonight

Up next for demolition is the former Mohawk gas station buidling
in the heart of the downtown area
(photo from City of PR report)

Two more properties in disrepair have made it on to the City's naughty list this month, with City Council members set to review a recommendation from City staff towards removal.

As part of the Agenda for tonight's Council session, Rosa Miller, the Director of Corporate and Legislative Services will outline the recommendation for removal of properties at 201- 2nd Avenue West and 1913 7th Avenue East.

As can be noted from the photo atop this piece, the Second Avenue West property is a commercial property in the downtown core,  that of the former Mohawk Gas and Connivence station which closed  a number of years ago and has been closed off to the public ever since.

The Second property is a residence in dilapidated condition on 7th Avenue East on the City's east side.

In both cases, the City plans to place the the costs of removal for the city on the property taxes for each.

If adopted by Council, Owners of the two properties will have fourteen days to contact the city  prior to any commencement of removal.

The Two Removal orders can be reviewed from the City's Agenda package, the reports starting on page 10 of the Agenda include a number of photos of the condition of the buildings in question.

The City's Big Marshmallow the Angus Apartments
continue on with prep work for eventual demolition

One other high profile structure on the previous demolition orders list continues to have internal preparation work take place. The Angus Apartments on Second West are currently covered in a white wrapping that as removal of hazardous material continues inside.

The last update on the progress for demolition of that structure came as part of the January 8th Council session, where it was relayed that it would take close to three months before the actual demolition work would commence.

More notes related to the Council session tonight can be explored through our Council Preview.


  1. That is a start. There are still properties all over town that.
    need the same order written. Many of these properties in the downtown core. It would be nice to see two more of these orders come before council each month.
    BTW the Angus is still standing. What's up?

  2. As noted, hazardous materials remediation, which usually means asbestos removal, which has to be done right and can take a while.


    1. Scaffold is up doesn't seem to be anyone working on it. It takes a while if nothing is being done.

    2. The work schedule may have been affected by the new WorksafeBC regs that came into effect Jan 1 that require training and certification of anyone doing abatement work. I'm inclined to assume the best about people who perform hazardous work, but I realize that others may prefer other assumptions.

    3. They had announced the regulation change months before. The city should have been aware of that as they are in the business of hiring contractors.
      Was there a completion date issued to the contractor they hired. Did the contractor not meet the new regulations and is training their crew.
      Meanwhile we pay scaffold rental?

    4. Announcing a new regulation and implementing the changes are two different things especially when new training programs and certifications are required. You might consider directing your questions to the communications person at city hall.

    5. Asbestos training was available middle of 2023 and licensing was available June 2023 as per WorkSafe website.
      Hire a contractor that is licensed.
      WCB of BC notices on new regulations started 2nd quarter of 2022.

  3. What about the house in the 300 block of 11th Ave? It has not be occupied in over 25 years and is sagging in on itself.

    1. I guess the city doesn’t know about that one!

    2. What's going on at the end of the alley behind the Pacific Inn?