Thursday, February 15, 2024

Prince Rupert and Port Edward officials discussed shared interests at Council hosted dinner last week

The two municipal governments of the region gathered recently at City Hall, with Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond sharing some notes of their bread breaking session for the pubic at Monday's Council Session. 

Speaking as part of a Mayor's report of sort,  towards the end of the Monday session, Mayor Pond noted of the theme for the night but did not provide for too many details towards what the two sides discussed when came together.

"And then Council you know, here in this Chamber last week, we met with Port Edward  for Dinner.

We had Prince Rupert and Port Edward council's gathered together, to talk about some issues that we share in common. It was just a chance to break bread. 

There was no business done, in terms of no decisions made. 

But it was just a chance to see each other in a different environment and something that I think that everybody walked away said we have to do that more regularly."

More notes from the Monday session can be reviewed through our Council Session archive page.


  1. Who picked up the tab? If no business was done as Herb stated taxpayers should not be on the hook. We are broke.

    1. I think that the mayor means by "no business done" that issues of common concern were discussed, but the discussions were informal and did not result in binding commitments.

    2. You speak for the mayor?

    3. Of course not. Council "business" has a particular meaning in a municipal context. It refers to a resolution or bylaw presented for a decision at a council meeting. Discussions or consultations like this held outside of a duly convened meeting can be helpful, but cannot result in a legally valid or binding decision.