Thursday, February 29, 2024

City of Prince Rupert puts Sixth Avenue East Bridge work out for Bid; scope of project dependent on Funding approval

Work on the Sixth Avenue EastBridge
could  be underway by this summer

A light at the end of the bridge for those who use the Sixth Avenue East Bridge, with the City of Prince Rupert putting the refurbishment of the vital transportation link up for bid through the BC Bid website.

The Bid request for the 300 foot wood trestle bridge, 80 feet above Hays Creek was issued on Tuesday, the call for submissions one with a lengthy list of items for the to do list.

Among the scope of services for the work:

(i)Removal of existing asphalt surfacing. 
(ii)Removal of thread rods. 
(iii)Removal of sidewalk decking. 
(iv)Removal of guardrails and posts. 
(v)Assessment of timber condition and replacement of rotten or damaged bridge deck laminations. 
(vi)Installation of flashing. 
(vii)Replacement of guardrail timbers. 
(viii)Installation of threaded rods and tension system as per specifications shown on drawing number 2200449-000-1960-105. 
(ix)Installation of subdeck beam. 
(x)Installation of sidewalk support cantilever timbers. 
(xi)installation of sidewalk decking and steel strapping. 
(xii)Installation of utility supports and hardware.

The city also advises that budgetary considerations could have an impact  on how that work progresses.
The City acknowledges that the Project’s scope is contingent upon the availability of funds. 

The tender submission should take into account that the City reserves the right to alter the Project scope based on overall budgetary considerations. 

If the total budget allocated to the Project is less than the tenderers proposed bid, the City may exercise its right to adjust the scope by eliminating specific components, tasks, or features. 

The decision to modify the scope will be made in accordance with the City’s budgetary constraints and Project priorities.

The Bid package includes extensive instructions for the work that is planned, along with a number of diagrams of the specifics to the Bridge.

The closing date for submission of bids is March 29, 2024

The work would take up much of the summer, with a timeline towards completion set for the end of September

It's noted in the prospectus for those considering the work that the Bridge and sidewalk closure to traffic and pedestrians must be scheduled for August and September

Something that puts the work required into a two month window.

Though the city appears to want to wring out every last day possible towards that work, with the Bid call having added a day to the calendar for the month of September ...

You can review the full package for Bid Request from the BC Bid website.

More notes on civic infrastructure can be reviewed from our archive page.

A look at past City of Prince Rupert Bid calls is available here.

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  1. Let's hear it for another year of it's not inconvenient to have the bridge partially closed.
    We could use the money from McCarty's renovations.