Friday, February 23, 2024

Shawatlan's Road work ahead, a precursor to water main replacement project

The Road Closed barriers go back up on Saturday for the Shawatlans
Road access in and out of the Industrial Park

Another sign of progress for the City's massive infrastructure replacement plans, with the City of Prince Rupert announcing that Shawatlan's Road leading to and from the industrial park will be closed as of tomorrow, the closure to last for a number of months.

In January the City put forward a bid request for work on the Shawatlans Lake side of the water infrastructure project, that part of the water raw water supply from the Lake that will be part of transit of water from Shawatlans to Fern Passage.

When the City gets to the work on this side of Fern Passage the watermain will travel through the Industrial park area leading up to the Montreal Road Reservoir, though that element of the work is still seemingly a fair bit off in the distance with no timeline outlined so far.

You can review our past notes on the Infrastructure replacement plans from our archive page here.

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