Thursday, November 26, 2015

BC Minister Fassbender tours Terrace area to speak on funding initiatives

BC Liberal Government Minister
Peter Fassbender was in
Terrace on Tuesday
Peter Fassbender, the province's Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development wrapped up a tour of a part of the Northwest on Tuesday, taking time to recycle some of the news out of Victoria when it comes to recent funding for a number of community development initiatives.

In a media release following the Minister's stop in Terrace on Tuesday, the province noted that Grants of one million dollars have been distributed around the Northwest to help communities update their bylaws and official community plans, as well as to update their local infrastructure needs to prepare for economic growth.

Among the various programs put in place through the program, the hiring of planning interns by municipalities was highlighted as one of the elements that have been used to offer support to communities.

Prince Rupert was one of the municipalities across the region to take advantage of that option that was offered by the province. The funding for the intern program across the region was delivered through the Northern Development Initiative Trust which is based in Prince George.

Mayor Lee Brain offered up his support for the provincial initiative, making note of how the City is making us of the provincial assistance when it comes to its Re:Build Rupert infrastructure program.

“The City of Prince Rupert has been diligently working on identifying priority items within our current infrastructure deficit and to address it, we are launching an infrastructure renewal program called 'Rebuild Rupert'. This funding will enable us to continue to build an effective management strategy for infrastructure assets that will help to ensure that our local residents and businesses have the services they need to prosper and succeed.” -- Mayor Lee Brain on provincial funding related to infrastructure needs.

The provincial contribution to the Prince Rupert plans was not broken down as part of the overall amount of  the 700,000 dollars plus distributed to this point across the Northwest.

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