Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Council to reveal community vision planning this week

Mayor Brain outlined the background
to a new vision plan to be released
to the community
During Monday's City Council session, Mayor Lee Brain revealed that the City will be launching a media campaign this week to highlight its Major Community Vision for the years ahead.

Making use of a partnership with the weekly newspaper, the City will begin to provide some background on its strategic planning for the future, as well as provide more details on the various surveys that they have conducted over the last few years.

The details of their program will also be released through the City's social media presence, along with a media release designed to explain what the Vision program is all about. The city will be using the information release as part of its framework in presenting the project to the public.

At Monday's council meeting, the Mayor did not disclose how much money the City would be spending as part of its new partnership with the weekly paper, in order to help deliver his vision statements to the public.

The Mayor also noted that the city will be engaging with the public over the process in the future, with the City's residents offered the opportunity to comment on what the City has delivered in the way of information.

The new advertising campaign in conjunction with the weekly paper would seem to already be paying dividend for the Mayor and City Council.

With an editorial page submission today that was fairly enthusiastic about the Mayor and his plans for the community, even mentioning Mayor Brain in the same breath as that grand visionary of the North Coast, Charles M. Hays.

The editorial followed a three page review of the city's vision, which also features duelling portraits of Mayor Brain and Mr. Hays, to go along with the dramatic outline that the plans will be so massive that they rival those of Charles Melville Hays.

The full program, known as Hays 2.0 can be reviewed here.

You can review the Mayor's announcement by way of the City's Video Archive, it starts at the one hour ten minute mark.

For more items related to City Council Discussion see our archive page.

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