Monday, November 30, 2015

Northern Savings seeks CEO through executive search company

An Ontario job search firm
is handling Northern Savings
quest for a new CEO
As we learned in October, Northern Savings, the Prince Rupert based financial services organization recently wrapped up a major Strategic review of its operations.

Among the results of that project was the need to eliminate a department, reduce exposure to any risk outside of the Northwest and in a move which provided the most impact to the North Coast, the announcement of the  layoff of a number of workers based in the city.

Despite the developments of a very busy October, the financial services company is looking to the future now, pushing forward with its search for a new CEO.

Towards that goal, Northern Savings has turned to an Ontario based executive search group to conduct the quest, making use of Burlington, Ontario based Booker and Associates to handle the job search requirements 

With the first step of the process finding the executive search organization posting a fairly comprehensive  executive job search information package on their website.

The document outlines the range of responsibilities that the position requires, as well as a focus on the organizational skills and ability to provide strategic planning, Innovation and Organizational culture that the Credit Union is looking for.

Applicants are asked to consider the vision statement of the Credit Union to gain an understanding as to the direction that Northern Savings has charted for itself, building on the concept of neighbours helping neighbours to build sustainable communities.

Prince Rupert based Northern Savings
is increasing its efforts to find a
new CEO for the financial institution
With the successful applicant to help deliver their mission of strengthening our members, organization and communities through cooperative financial services.

As well, the prospectus for any potential CEO includes a look at the need to work collaboratively with the Board to define the organization's vision and future strategy.

In a nod towards the recent decisions from October at the Credit Union, the information package notes that the Northern Savings has been through trying times in 2015.

Adding however, that those challenges have been overcome and the Board is excited to engage a new CEO who can bring energy and excitement to work with the Board to pursue the new vision.

No timeline is indicated in the Executive Search information statement as to when Northern Savings will make a decision on the top position hire.

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