Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blog Watching, Week ending November 15, 2015

LNG items captured three of the five items for review for this week,
with a string of correspondences related to the proposed LNG terminal development on Lelu Island making for the two most viewed items of the week.

The third LNG related item that broke into the top five listings notes the upcoming Open House for the WCC LNG Terminal at Tuck Inlet, as well as the start of the Draft review comment period that begins later this month.

Our item which reviewed the Thursday Canfisco announcement that outlined some major job losses for the North Coast also found a large audience this week, as many readers looked to find more background on the story coming from one of the city's main employers.

And another item from the Watson Island file attracted a large number of readers, who reviewed our item on Colonial Coal, which despite an ongoing court case with the City, continues to feature their Watson Island concept as part of its current website presentation for investors.

However, the lead off item which found the largest audience of the week, reviews the response from Metlakatla and other area First Nations on issues related to Lelu Island, with their suggestion that everyone should wait for the environmental review process related to the LNG proposal for the area to finish up its work, before any conclusions should be made when it comes to development on the island.

Metlakatla and other First Nations look to get LNG discussion back to the topic of CEAA -- The response of the participants in the Tsimshian Environmental Stewardship Authority on the theme of waiting for  the end of the environmental review on the Pacific NorthWest LNG proposal (posted November 10, 2015)

That article was followed by:

LNG opponents take Lelu Island issue to new Prime Minister and Environment Minister  -- A coordinated approach to the Lelu island issue was delivered to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with two letters outlining opposition to the development of an LNG Terminal at the Lelu Island location  (posted November 9, 2015)

Canfisco to bring an end to Salmon canning operations at Prince Rupert plant  -- An announcement that rattled the community on Thursday, as the North Coast's largest processor of fish products announced its plans to shut down the canning lines at the Oceanside plant  (posted  November 12, 2015)

Comment Period for WCC LNG proposal set to open on November 23rd  -- Another of the proposed LNG terminal developments is moving forward with its planning, with the Tuck Inlet WCC LNG proponents set to host an Open House and a launch for the Draft review process of its proposed development (posted November 13, 2015)

Colonial Coal seemingly still casting a gaze at potential of Watson Island  -- They may still following a legal path against the City of Prince Rupert, but Colonial Coal, one of the main forces behind the WATCO proposal for Watson Island still has their development plan listed on a presentation page for investors  (posted November 12, 2015 )

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