Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Task Force created to address Canfisco job losses

The prospect of job losses related to the announcement of the closure of canning lines at Prince Rupert's Oceanside Plant  by Canadian Fish has brought a Provincial Government Task Force to town to offer up assistance in the process for those workers that have been affected.

Mayor Lee Brain outlined those notes as part of the tail end of Monday's City Council session, noting that the Task Force would be making use of the Hecate Strait Employment Services office to put the transition program into place.

While the Mayor had few details to offer as to what kind of assistance is available through the Task Force, the indication was that the local Employment Service Office would be offering help to those that have been affected by the closure.

Mainly by providing opportunities for training for other career options through their Work BC program.

Anyone looking for more information on what kind of assistance is available can learn more from
Hecate Strait at 208 First Avenue East or contact them at 250-627-4397

More background on the Canadian Fish Company announcement can be found on our Fishing industry archive page.

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