Thursday, November 12, 2015

Councillor Mirau heads to Vernon for Cities Fit for Children Summit

Monday's Council session provided a change for the travel plans when it comes to a conference taking place this week on making communities more suitable for children.

At the end of the Monday session, Mayor Lee Brain noted that owing to commitments in Prince Rupert, Councillor Blair Mirau would be taking his place at Vernon's Cities Fit for Children Summit.

Councillor Mirau and
City Planner Krekic are
representing Prince Rupert
in Vernon this week
Mr. Mirau will be in attendance at the Okanagan meetings today and tomorrow, in order to learn more about some of the initiatives in other communities and bring some of the talking points back home with him for Council to review.

The Mayor also advised Council members that City Planner Zeno Krekic would be attending the
conference with Councillor Mirau.

You can learn more about what is ahead for the two representatives from the City of Prince from this information package from the Conference organizers.

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