Saturday, June 8, 2019

Nasoga Gulf Dispute 2019

The Nasoga Gulf issue has become a Northwest flash point of controversy as we head into the summer of 2019, with three First Nations and the Provincial government now immersed in a dispute over who has claim to the territory along Portlland Inlet.

Some of the background, statements and items of interest related to the topic can be found in this archive below.

Statements on the dispute

June 7 -- Nisga'a Lisims Government
June 7 -- Nine Tribes of the Coast Tsimshian

News article related to the dispute

June 8

Political motives behind opposition to Nasoga Gulf question: Nisga'a Nation NCR

June 7 

Nasoga Gulf Dispute (video)
Coast Tsimshian propose collaboration in dispute with Nisga'a over Nasoga Gulf lands
Nisga'a say politics behind land purchase opposition
Nine Tribes of the Coast Tsimshian outline their solution to the Nasoga Gulf controversy  NCR
Coast Tsimshian protest sale of land to Nisga'a
Proposed land sale to Nisga'a First Nation prompts protest by Coast Tsimshian group
Lands not for sale: Coast Tsimshian blockade
Tsimshian blockage spreads offer of collaboration on Nasoga Gulf Lands (audio)
Coast Tsimshian Tribes set up info blockade on Highway 16 at Kasiks, in Territory dispute with Nisga'a, BC Government
Tsimshian bands joining up for information blockade west of Terrace on proposed land sale
Harold Leighton and John Helin: NDP betraying First Nations by trying to sell our land to Nisga'a
Coast Tsimshian release demands and shared solutions on land dispute with Nisga'a
Coastal First Nations seek province to engage in Nasoga Gulf controversy  NCR

June 6 

Coast Tsimshian to hold information blockade on land transfer to Nisga'a
Coast Tsimshian plan information blockade along Highway 16

June 4

Nasoga Gulf question, Economic Development and Reconciliation discussions among the themes for Community Information sessions ahead for Lax Kw'alaams Members  NCR

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