Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Councillor Teri Forster highlights awareness of Sixteen Days of Action against Domestic Abuse

Councillor Teri Forster raised awareness of the issue of
Domestic Abuse in Prince Rupert on Monday evening 

The topic of Domestic Abuse, which has been one of the currents of conversation this past weekend in Prince Rupert following an article in the Northern View on the issue, became a point of information sharing on Monday evening. 

That as City Councillor Teri Forster speaking at the end of the Monday night session, provided some background on the Sixteen Days of Action now underway against Domestic Violence, as well as to share word of some of the resources available in Prince Rupert for those who may need them. 

"Starting November 25th until December 10th is sixteen days of action against Domestic Violence. 

Our community has faced a fair bit of Domestic and Sexual violence, we just recognized the anniversary of the death of Patti Forman. A few months ago we lost a young family and those are the public ones, that doesn't speak to any of the things that many people in our community face every single day.

I think it's really important that anyone that is facing Domestic or Sexual violence right now, know of the resources because a lot people don't. 

They don't know that there is help out there: The North Coast Transition Society, our local  RCMP, the province has call lines.

I myself, through a different hat that I wear as a nurse, I have helped people on both sides of domestic violence in my career. 

And I think it's important that people know that there are people that can help you, so please reach out if that's something you are experiencing"

The six other male members of Council, did not follow up with any comments related to her alert on the 16 Days of Action, included among them Councillor Reid Skelton-Morven. 

He was recently the subject of the concerning story in the Northern View from Friday, towards Ms. Forster's theme for the evening.

As there has been no follow up story to this point from the Northern View, it's not known if he has responded to the local paper's article of last Friday, nor did he use the Monday Council Discussion forum to speak to, or address the topic of it.

Ms. Forster's information relay for the public can be reviewed from the City's Video Archive starting at the one hour, three minute mark.

Ms. Forster is not the only public official in Prince Rupert to note of the 16 Days of Action, as we noted earlier this week, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice also spoke to the topic in the Legislature on Monday morning.

She has followed up on that legislature presentation with some additional notes for those who are seeking help.

You can learn more about the two resources noted by the Councillor  on Monday night below:

The Prince Rupert RCMP Social Media page provides occasional notes on the work of the local Victim Services Office.

More notes from the City Council Session can be reviewed through our Council Timeline.

Other notes of interest from past Council Discussions can be explored here.

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  1. Thank you Councillor Forster. Let’s hope the rest of our mainly kale council steps up and makes a statement. It’s 2023 people!!! They need to address this issue. Domestic violence is real!