Friday, November 24, 2023

Fog Advisory issued for Prince Rupert area tonight, overnight

Areas of Weather Advisories for the North Coast and Northwest tonight

Update: Environment Canada has extended the Fog Advisory to continue into Sunday, see forecast below:


It's to be a Foggy night in Prince Rupert town and around the North Coast as a marine layer settles over the region bringing near zero visibility ahead overnight and into Saturday morning.

As a result Environment Canada has issued a Fog Advisory for the region 

Environment Canada has extended the Fog Advisory in to Sunday

For those travelling on Highway 16 and on local roads, the fog will mean motorists should exercise caution as they travel.

The marine layer stretches from north of Bella Bella  to north of Prince Rupert and into the Nass Valley however it remains close to shore and with that there are no Marine Weather Warnings of note.

More notes on weather for the region can be reviewed here.

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