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Weather Related Events 2023 Archive

Our Archive of items of interest on Weather Related events on the North Coast

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December 8 -- Snowfall Warning issued for Terrace, Kitimat areas into Bulkley Valley NCR
December 8 -- Wind Warning issued for Saturday for North Coast, Central Coast and Haida Gwaii NCR
December 3 -- New Wind Warning issued for north Coast, Central Coast, Haida Gwaii for Monday NCR 
December 2 -- Wind Warning issued for North Coast, Haida Gwaii, Central Coast  NCR 


November 7 -- Wind Warning in place for Wednesday/Thursday for Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii and parts of Central Coast  NCR


October 10 -- Your Turkey wasn't the only thing roasting on the weekend ... Prince Rupert sets two heat records on Saturday and Sunday  NCR
October 9 -- Falling Rocks on Highway 16 between Terrace and Prince Rupert making for road closure NCR


September 25 -- Fall Storm season kicks off with Ferry Cancellations from BC Ferries NCR


July 5 -- Heat Warning in place for Terrace, Kitimat inland regions as temperatures set to soar to 30 plus  NCR


May 9 -- May Brings confluence of Flood and Fire Seasons for British Columbia  NCR


April 14 -- Weekend Avalanche Risk listed as considerable for Northwest BC, less in Bulkley Valley Region NCR
April 14 -- A Volcanic interruption for Northwest Aviation  NCR


March 1 -- A snow eating wind does blow, set to bring Rain this evening and into Friday NCR
March 1 -- Snowmageddon Prince Rupert ... Day Six includes a Snowfall warning NCR


February 24 -- And Snow it begins??  NCR
February 3 -- Unsettled weather brings Higher rating for Avalanche Dangers on North Coast. NCR


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