Friday, January 27, 2023

AMHS Vessel challenges impact on Prince Rupert-Kethcikan Service

The AMHS Vessel Matanuska is in dry dock and won't be
coming back to service for a while, something that means
that service to Prince Rupert has been suspended

The plans for the reintroduction of Ferry service between Prince Rupert and its neighbour to the north in Ketchikan hit some choppy waters this month, that as the vessel Matanuska which had previously been tasked for the service has been sidelined from duty owing to some maintenance issues.

The advisory of the changes ahead came earlier this month with an update from the State of Alaska and the Alaska Marine Highway Service.

The AMHS Fleet which is an aging one, has few assets to shift around so in some cases, such as this last month Communities like Prince Rupert have seen their service curtailed.

The situation has had some impact on travellers, with Alaska Public Radio providing a snapshot of the challenge the cancellation of service to Prince Rupert brought for one pair of travellers.

As it was, the schedule that was planned for 2023 didn't offer much in the way of frequency with just 1 sailing set for February and March, moving to two monthly transits in April previously published.

But now as the KRBD story notes, with no ferry available, those sailings have been cancelled, with no further indication as to when an update will be provided towards the plans for the Prince Rupert service.

The AMHS is now in the process of working on its summer schedule so we should have some idea as to how the summer travel season may look like for transits to and from Prince Rupert later this Spring, that is providing the Marine Highway can keep its boats on the water before the busy travel period.

The AMHS Playbook for Prince Rupert features a comment section which highlights the importance travellers put to the connection between Alaska and BC.

So with some luck the State and Ferry Service will find a way to ensure some kind of marine link is available by the Summer. 

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