Thursday, January 26, 2023

Lester Centre launches fundraising plan for new seats with "Seat Sale"

You can soon take one of the seats above home as part of a plan
to refurbish the seating area of the Lester Centre of the Arts in Prince Rupert

A chance for residents, businesses or industrial groups to forever make their mark on the Lester Centre of the Arts has been announced this week.

With the Home for the Arts in Prince Rupert launching a "seat sale" seeking financial support towards the replacement of the theatre chairs which are now thirty five years old.

Lester Centre of the Arts General Manager Chris Armstrong outlined the scope of the program by way of  an announcement from Wednesday.

“The existing seats are 35 years old, which is around the time you’d want to replace them,We’ve started a project to acquire and install new seats, and we thought the community would like to take part in it. 

 Each new “seat” will cost $800, which will be considered a tax-deductible donation to the Lester Centre. In return, buyers will get their name (or their organization’s name) on a sign that will be installed in the entryway to the seats in the lower bowl. 

 Everyone will see that sign. Your name and your generosity will be displayed for many years to come,” 

The seat sale, which is part of the Lester Centre “Please Be Seated” project, starts now and will run until March 31, 2023."

You can also own your very own piece of Lester Centre interior fixtues, with the chance to purchase the seat that you have sponsored for replacement. 

"Buyers of seats will also have the opportunity to purchase the existing seats as souvenirs. 

Whether you want a nice addition to your in-home movie theatre, or whether you think they would be a nice addition to your front deck on sunny summer days, the seats have a variety of uses. 

On top of that, they’re comfortable, they’ve got armrests, and they flip up and down"

Should you be interested in buying a seat, you can contact Chris Armstrong at 250-627-8888 or email for more details on how the exchange will work  

The Please Be Seated project is part of some extensive fundraising and hopefully grant opportunities that the Lester Centre is pursuing.

At Monday's City Council Session, the council members offered the push a letter of support, that as the Lester Centre seeks out some of the potential grant funding available through the Northern Development Trust.

Follow the Lester Centre of the Art's Social Media stream for more updates on the Please Be Seated campaign and other items of interest from the local Arts scene. 

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