Thursday, January 26, 2023

Mayor's report for Council Monday night, charts some recent travel destinations

Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond wrapped up the Monday council
session with a short review of some of his recent travels and other notes

Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond brought back an old favourite from the repertoire of Council meetings past, providing for a short synopsis of some of his recent travels as part of a "Mayor's Report" from the Monday council session.

In his update for the Council members and those viewing at home, the Mayor outlined some of the opportunities for meetings that he had when he attended the recent BC Natural Resources Forum in Prince George. 

"I attended the 20th annual BC Natural Resources Forum in Prince George, I was at the original one in twenty years ago, and it was interesting to see you. know, what took place there.

Over 900 delegates from across British Columbia and beyond.

The Premier spoke at the Premier's Dinner, I had a chance to quickly say hi to the Premier and remind him of our concerns.

As I did with Minister Cullen, as well, I had more time with Minister Cullen who is well acquainted with our issues and in particular the RBA.

I also had a chance to speak to members of the opposition, attend a minister's breakfast, there was  a direct meeting with BC Hydro, the Northern Medical Trust.

I was able to talk to the President of CN, Tracy Robinson and remind her of how important ... I didn't have to remind her, she agreed with me, that Rupert is a critical part of their infrastructure.

There were a lot of other meetings, one of the opportunities that I had was to meet with the Mayor of Prince George.  

In the past Prince George and Prince Rupert have been two formidable partners in pushing for the strength of this corridor and the rail routes and the shipping through this port and so it was good to establish this relationship 

He also updated Council on the latest notes related to the Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance work in the region.

"I had lunch in Terrace on the way back with one of the other co chairs of the Resource Benefit Alliance, and we are lining up what we hope to be minister's meetings, I think in a week and a half roughly"

Not mentioned in the update from Monday however, was an account of some of the civic travels from earlier in the month.

That with Mayor Pond, City Manager Robert Buchan and Operations Director Richard Pucci  having all gone out of town on some form of Civic Business as 2023 began its journey. 

The timing of those travel arrangements meaning that they had to participate in the first City Council session of January of the 9th by way of remote participation.

The Monday night travelogue did not feature any themes, or information sharing,  related to those travels from the start of the year.

One final note from the Report was to celebrate the success of the Prince Rupert Rampage and their month long awareness campaign and fundraising project in the Fight against Cancer.

"I just want to give a shout out to the Rampage, I've had a chance to speak twice now and I'll be at their final game, not their final game of the season, but as they do this month of push around raising funds for cancer. 

When I spoke the last game they had me announce before the game started, that they were up to 18,000 dollars raised, I'm sure that they're many times over that.

I'll have the privilege of announcing, I believe I'll have the Privilege of announcing the total again at the upcoming game."

You can learn how you can help out the Rampage in their month long work from the team's Social Media page, that as the program comes to an end on Saturday, when they host the Terrace River Kings at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre.

The Mayor's Report feature from the Monday Council session can be reviewed from the Video Archive starting at the one hour, twenty one minute mark.

More notes on Monday's Council Session can be reviewed from our Council Session archive page.


  1. Very nice to the updates come back to council meetings.

    1. What about CityWest and Watson Island?