Friday, January 27, 2023

Dollar Store with more ... No More. Clear out of former Downtown retail space continues

The removal of stock and items from the Former Dollar Store with more
continued this week in Prince Rupert

It's another Load Out Day for what remains behind the Brown papered windows of the Dollar Store, with More, which at the moment doesn't have much left at all.

The store in the heart of the Downtown core, located right across from City Hall, announced its plans to close in November, the first of the stock was moved out earlier this month destined for other locations of the chain across the province.

The owners were back this week to remove more of the interior fixtures, shopping carts and other times from the interior of the store.

The closure marked the latest round for the shrinking nature of the city's retail shopping options, that as the commercial sector ebbs and flows in the community, more towards ebbing in this instance. 

So far there has been no indication if a tenant has been found to take over the space or what may be the nature of what comes next for the valuable bit of downtown retail space.

More notes on the Commercial Sector can be reviewed from our archive page.

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