Sunday, January 29, 2023

Blog Watching: Week ending January 29, 2023

This past week being a City Council session week, a number of themes from the final public session for January on Monday evening made for list of the five most read items for the week.

Housing and the dire situation facing many that are looking for the affordable version of it  made for a number of themes on the week. 

With one item of note from the last seven days, that of a call by the City for Expressions of interest towards two non-market housing proposals.

How the city handled the recent snow fall provided for a few comments from the Council session.

Also finding a strong level of interest was our look at CityWest and the lack to this point of an announcement towards the annual Distribution payment to the City of Prince Rupert.

Some remediation work on the city's east side captured som attention from readers as we offered an update on the work to rebuild the 11th Avenue sidewalk area at Conrad, that after the slope underneath it had given way last week.

To wrap up our list of five on the week, our notes related to current and future hiring plans for the City also was also a much reviewed piece over the last week.

From the weeks review the most read of our pieces, was that which noted of a civic initiative that could help reduce some of the stresses towards affordable housing.

City of Prince Rupert Bid request looks to plan for potential Non-Market Housing options in community -- In a week which saw the topic of the dire need for more affordable housing in Prince Rupert explored at a Council session.  A pair of proposals submitted by the City of Prince Rupert to the BC Bid website may offer some relief to the issue. Our notes of Tuesday explored the items up for review, a topic which the city made a public announcement towards on Thursday.  (posted January 24, 2023

 That article was followed by: 

Snow Removal discussion at City Council brings praise for City workers, concerns over private property owners --  As seems to be the case after every large snowfall event, the post mortem on last weeks storm featured some familiar themes.    (posted January 25 , 2023

As January nears end, still no word on a CityWest Distribution payment back to its sole shareholder  -- How much CityWest will return to its owners at City Hall has yet to be determined by the growing Communication company.  (posted January 27 , 2023

East side Slope remediation work moving quickly  -- City work crews have addressed the recent slide along 11th Avenue East which took out the sidewalk down the hill from Conrad.  (posted January 23, 2023

Hiring times for the future and the present on the to do list for City Hall -- Our preview of a presentation to Prince Rupert City Council related to a quest for a grant for a Human Resources post at City Hall. The discussion towards that quest at the Council session that night, found a few additional notes of interest to be shared when it comes to Human Resources at the City.  (posted January 23, 2023

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