Thursday, January 19, 2023

Blasting work ahead tomorrow for Wainwright Marine location in Prince Rupert Industrial Park

Blasting work is planned for Friday at the Wainwright Marine Service yard
in the City's Industrial Park
(Image from BC Gov't consultation call of 2021)

There will be some large booms coming out of the Industrial park starting tomorrow, that as Wainwright Marine begins work on their waterfront property adjacent to Fern Passage.

The City of Prince Rupert provided the heads up on the blasting plans through their social media stream and civic app program this morning.

The advisory noting of the blasting schedule which takes place on four occasions through the day, the City's note also outlined the protocol towards alerts for each blasting session.

Last year, Wainwright had applied to the Province of BC for an addition to their service yard in the Industrial Park.

The advisory from the city today did not specify what the blasting work for Friday was associated towards.

Any updates on the blasting work or other notes of interest related to it can be followed through the City's Social Media page.

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