Thursday, January 19, 2023

Winter storm damage brings Temporary Closure for Rushbrook Trail

The Popular Rushbrook Trail on the city's east side has been closed temporarily owing to the recent snowfall and associated hazards that have come from it.

The Kaien Trails Society which maintains the trail system outlined the situation through their Social Media stream yesterday, noting of fallen trees and with more weather on the way other hazards that they are keeping watch towards.

The City of Prince Rupert and the Kaien Island Trail Enhancement Society signed an agreement towards leasing the trail to the Society back in February of 2017.

The trail reopened for use after extensive renovation in 2018, you can review some of the history towards those efforts here.

The trail runs from the Rushbrook Floats at the end of George Hills Way, along the waterfront to the Seal Cove area.

Follow the Kaien Island Trail Enhancement Society Social Media feed for updates on when the trail will be reopened to the public

More notes on Recreation themes in the City can be reviewed here.

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