Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Sidewalk no more, as 11th Avenue east pedestrian way slides

The sidewalk along 11th Avenue East at Conrad has slid down
the embankment  resting below

The City of Prince Rupert's infrastructure woes aren't limited to the waterlines and the roads, even the sidewalks are showing some challenges, with residents in the Conrad/11th Avenue East area sharing notes on a new talking point.

The sidewalk area from Conrad down 11th to the west has disappeared for the most part, the asphalt sliding down the embankment on the 11th Side leaving a huge hole.

The Blacktop is a crumpled mess down the embankment at 11th and Conrad

The City has marked the area off with road blocks and warning tape to alert pedestrians to the loss of walkway in that stretch.

So far there has been no update towards the situation provided through the City's Social Media page or Civic app Notification program.

More notes on the city's challenges with infrastructure can be reviewed through our Operations archive.

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  1. Which councilor will ask the operations department to present an inventory of similar retaining walls in our city. Their ages, the recent work completed by year, and what the next five years will look like to ensure this type of incident remains isolated.