Monday, January 30, 2023

Three month SD52 Budget consultation process set to start tomorrow evening

The path to a financial blue print for 2023 for SD52 begins tomorrow evening, with the first of a number of consultation or information sessions to get underway tomorrow evening, the opening session designed to outline the process ahead and to host a Talking Circle Consultation.

From that opening session, four more dates of note chart the path ahead towards the final decision making for the School District. which will wrap up with the approval of a Budget on April 20th.

The first bit of consultation comes by way of a 2023-23 Budge Proposal Form available to be downloaded from the SD52 website as part of their Financial and Budgeting section.

The proposal form offers a checklist of areas towards savings and or spending, as well as space to expand on how the areas can help towards accomplishing School District Goals.

All of the information to date available towards budget consultation can be reviewed here.

Crafting a budget has been a challenging thing for the Schoo District for the past two years, as financial surprises sent them back to drafting board over the last three years.

A tour of our archive pages from those years offers up a glimpse of some of the past troubles the District had towards the budget process. The Budget discussions covered the first half of each year.




Barring a similar disclosure of any unanticipated financial surprises for this years budget preparation period, the 2022-23 version should be ready for approval of the Board at the end of April.

Hopefully, the Board will be posting videos of their Budget planning and other notes related to the process so those parents and guardians who can make it to the sessions on the date scheduled can still have some idea of what the Board is up against as it looks to create the financial plan for the years ahead.

SD52 Video Archive page

As for the First Meeting set for tomorrow evening, the note below offers up guidance as to how you can participate in the online stream for the session.

More notes on Education can e reviewed from our archive page here.

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