Sunday, January 22, 2023

Blog Watching: Week ending January 22, 2023

Winter Weather dominated much of the conversation this week, with a bit of a surprise dump of heavy, wet snow making for closed schools, power issues and a mess on the roads all part of the conversation on the SnowDay for Wednesday.

More infrastructure challenges  popped up on the week, this time related to a retaining wall and sidewalk on the east side of the city.

Transportation on the highway also made for a topic, with Highway 16 closed for a bit on Thursday owing to a train/vehicle incident, the collision a reminder of a long discussed, but eventually shelved overpass project in the vicinity.

Plans for a Bulk Fuels Marine Terminal on Ridley Island are newsworthy this month, that as the Metlakatla First Nation takes their concerns to Federal Court following a positive Notice of Assessment from the fall of 2022. 

And housing, or the challenges in finding affordable housing n the community as renovictions continue made for some review this past week. With the prospect of the topic becoming a talking point at Monday's City Council session seemingly of note.

From the weeks review the most read of our pieces, was our look at the sliding sidewalk of 11th Avenue East.

Sidewalk no more, as 11th Avenue East pedestrian way slides -- The City of Prince Rupert's water issues aren't the only challenges for the Operations Department, with a slide on 11th East taking away a portion of a retaining wall and the sidewalk above it.  (posted January 17, 2023

 That article was followed by: 

Thursday's vehicle/train incident serves as reminder of past overpass plans currently deferred -- An incident on the CN Rail tracks near the Daumont level crossing on Highway 16 took place in an area that was once tabbed as a location for extensive roadwork and an overpass, a project that was shelved in 2019.     (posted January 20, 2023

Metlakatla First Nation seeks Federal Judicial Review of VOPAK environmental approval -- The plans for a Bulk Marine Fuel Terminal on Ridley Island may need to go through a legal challenge with the Metlakatla First Nation taking their concerns on the project to Federal Court.    (posted January 16, 2023

With finding a place to rent getting harder and harder these days, it's time for BC Housing to update community on McKay Street plans  -- The issue of Renovictions started the year off as a discussion topic, something that may make its way to City Council on Monday night. While the issue of housing looks ready to rise to the top of the list again, we noted of the still to start plans for McKay Street, with BC Housing providing a snapshot of the status of the project by the end of the week.  (posted January 17, 2023

Surprise ... Snow makes for Snow Day for some, snow challenges for others -- Heavy wet snow and a fair amount of it made for power interruptions, closed schools and road challenges to name a few items on the Snow Day 2023 checklist   (posted January 18, 2022

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