Thursday, January 19, 2023

Digging into work around town

If you're a contractor with an excavator or other land moving material, these last few months have been some money months for you. With quite a few areas of the city marked by the large machines.

A look around town finds a number of projects underway with the big dig part of the work, whether like from the City's work above on the First Avenue East waterline issues, or the work underway below at the site of the new RCMP detachment building on Third East at McBride, the dirt and rock is being move around.

Just across McBride at the old Dairy Queen building, the work has been going on for a few months now and the depth of that dig now is such that the excavators are almost not visible from the road.

In late December, staging was underway towards some work on the site of the proposed 11th Avenue East apartment building approved by Council in 2021.

While all the digging is underway, there have been few updates on any of those projects currently underway, whether public or private,  as to what's coming next or a timeline towards development.

One place that could use an excavator is the site of the Old Belmont hotel, which remains in rubble following the fire of May 2022, City Council has yet to advise the public when that site may see some remediation and clearing.

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  1. City action on the Belmont/Roses is just sad. This is unacceptable.. The councilors should ask every meeting for an update. The councilors are supposed to represent the taxpayer.!