Thursday, January 19, 2023

Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP joins chorus calling on Federal assistance for Prince Rupert's infrastructure issues

Add on Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bacharach to the list of those urging the Federal government to lend a hand to the City of Prince Rupert and its current challenges on water infrastructure.

In a letter today to the Federal Minister of Infrastructure Dominic LeBlanc, the Skeena-Bukley Valley MP notes of the recent State of Local Emergency in the City of Prince Rupert related to the water issues of December. 

As others have in previous correspondences, the MP observes of the importance of Prince Ruper to the global supply chain through the Port of Prince Rupert.  

With Bachrach noting how any catastrophic failure of the city's water supply would impact on both residents of the community and the Port.

Mr. Bachrach concludes his letter by urging the Minister to act swittly towards the issue and to come to the table as a funding partner.

The full letter can be reviewed below:

click above to enlarge

He shared his correspondence by way of his social media streams today.

Mr. Bachrach did note of the issue in a recent podcast with the Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce, but the letter today is seemingly his first official public call to the Federal government to take action on the issue.

The City has not provided any further updates on the statue of the water supply issues since that State of Local Emergency ended in December.

More notes on the infrastructure issues in the community can be reviewed here.

Further items of interest from the House of Commons can be explored here.


  1. Here is a rundown on some of our civic infrastructure.

    Water Pipe Distance (km) – 134
    Sewer Pipe Distance (km) – 119
    Drainage Pipe Distance (km) – 79
    Distance of Roads (km) – 97
    Government Business Enterprise Equity - $46,459,763 (Citywest & Legacy)

    Here are the first three questions that should be asked at the table.
    Out of the above infrastructure. How much in kms have you renewed in the past 20 years?
    Why so little?
    If this is such a concern, what have you been doing for the past two decades?

  2. The City's total business enterprise equity totals $60,575,131.
    The investment in Citywest was valued at $46,459,763 in the 2021 audited financial statement, while shareholder equity in Legacy Corporation was an additional $14,115,368 according to the company's 2021 audited statement.

    1. Prince Rupert is on the table and needs open heart surgery.

      City leadership will lead you to believe that Citywest and Legacy are the cardiovascular & thoracic instruments to get our community off the table.

      Other levels of government should question why civic leadership has focused on these capital consuming ventures and not the basics like water, sewage, garbage, roads.

      For those community members with selective memories. City Hall forgave a $20 Million Citywest loan due to economic conditions.
      Page 17 & 21