Thursday, January 26, 2023

Avalanche risk high for Alpine North Coast coastal ranges

For those who may have plans for some backcountry experiences in the next few days, a word of caution from Avalanche Canada was issued yesterday, with the Danger rating for apline areas of the coastal Northwest raised to High.

The summary for the local alpine areas noting of recent warning rain in the Northwest making for the unstable situation at the higher elevations. 

Avalanche concerns in the province have been heightened in the last few weeks following a number of Avalanche incident which have claimed lives in the province

Things appear to be less concerning towards the weekend, but for those heading outdoors the weather is about to change. 

As we noted last night, Environment Canada has issued a Special Weather Statement alerting the region to the upcoming arrival of another Arctic front and significantly colder temperatures than what we have seen in recent weeks.

The next update from Avalanche Canada for their forecasting of conditions comes later today, you can explore their latest notes here when they are posted.

Our notes on past weather events can be reviewed here

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