Thursday, January 19, 2023

Wednesday Weather Event brought more challenges for Prince Rupert's Digby Island Airport

The Wednesday weather maker that made for some challenges for residents of the urban area of the city, also resulted in a range of issues for Prince Rupert's Digby Island Airport.

A thread of updates from the YPR Social Media page provided the narrative of how the weather event impacted on Operations, with the Wednesday Flight cancelled and Thursdays delayed by over an hour.

The cancellations and delays were required as Airport crews worked to remove snow from the runway and taxiway/apron areas and others cleared the road from the Ferry to the Terminal. 

That work required after trees fell along the route from the weight of the snow while others appeared near ready to do the same. 

Along with those issues, the airport reported a power disruption and as of Thursday, was operating on a back up generator.

The timeline of the airports woes this week is as follows:

click on above to enlarge

This was not the first weather even to cause for challenges, over the Christmas holidays it was weather in the Vancouver area that made for transpiration troubles.

In August, flooding of the access road made for cancelled flights in and out of Prince Rupert.

More details on the current situation this week at YPR are anticipated on Friday, you can follow the airports Social Media stream for the latest notes towards the return of service.

More notes on Transportation can be explored from our archive page.

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