Monday, January 23, 2023

City of Terrace joins the Queue to install an Urban Loo

The City of Terrace has plans for its own outdoor washroom station
similar to the Prince Rupert Urblaoo. Hopefully the one in Terrace
will remain open more often than the Prince Rupert version has.

The City of Terrace may be the next municipality to install an advanced form of Outdoor washroom facility for that community, with the City set to take its already purchased Portland Loo out of storage and place it somewhere in the city's Downtown core.

The decision as to where to place the facility has yet to be made, with a briefing for Council last month providing an update on the plans for the Skeena Valley City.  

Notes from Back in December provide the background, that after Terrace Council members heard from Staff, which advised that they had yet to engage with local businesses in the area in the two areas that had previously been identified for placement.

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Once they wrap up that consultation and the Terrace council give its final approval towards the placement, City officials may want to make a call to Prince Rupert to take in some feedback on some of the challenges that the urban toilet concept may pose.

Prince Rupert's own version the Urbaloo located on Third Avenue West and Seventh Street has suffered a few plumbing challenges since the Freeze up of December and as of today has yet to see the CLOSED sign come down from the facility. 

The facility closed in late December, making for a lengthy period towards a lack of access for those in the area for the Loo that was part of the Eat Street Experiment of last year.

So far the City has not provided an update as to when they may anticipate the UrbaLoo returning to service.

More notes on municipal themes in Terrace can be reviewed here.

While our own archive of Prince Rupert Council themes is available here.

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