Monday, January 23, 2023

Hiring times for the future and the present on the to do list for City Hall

A pair of items of note when it comes to staffing themes at City Hall can be found from the City of Prince Rupert website today.

As part of tonight's Council Session, Council members will receive a report from the City's  Communications Manager Veronika Stewart, the report outlining the case for additional staff for the Hunan Relations Department.

The report available from the Agenda package,  notes of a number of projects that require additional capacity and how with a staff of over 250 the City of Prince Rupert's Human Resources Manager is providing the main source of support for all staff and Department Heads.

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Should Council approve of the quest for a grant with NDIT and should the City be successful with that application, the anticipated wage for the position would be $66,285,00 with the City responsible for approximately $16,285,00 of the cost.

While they await feedback from Council and how members may decide towards the Grant request, the Human Resources Department is busy trying to fill an existing post at City Hall, re-posting the call for applicants for an Executive Assistant for the Administration Department.

The current job posting was put up on the City's Career page on January 13th, with a closing date noted of February 2nd or until filled.

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A similar job posting was put into the civic inventory of Jobs back in October  shortly before the new City Council membership took office in November.

More notes on past Civic Job postings and labour themes can be explored through our archive page.

Further items of interest from tonight's Council Session can be explored from our Preview here, as well as our Archive page for the session.


  1. City Hall salaries 2008 vs 2021.

    2008 Salaries, Wages, other Payroll - 4,122,159
    2021 Salaries, wages, other payroll payables $5,372,844


    1. Kudos to City for applying for a grant for this one instead of taking moeny from operating budget

  2. Looks bad until you compare a few other numbers...

    Inflation since 2008: 24%
    City Hall wage increase since 2008: 29%
    = 1.2x rate of inflation

    That seems like pretty effective cost control for a strongly unionized work environment.

    Inflation since 2014: 14%
    PRPA salaries 2014 - $8.672 million
    PRPA salaries 2021 - $13.793 million (+59%)
    =4.2x rate of inflation

    Talk about bloat!


    PS. why doesn't the PRPA share financial statements pre-2014? hmm...

  3. Plenty of ways to interpret numbers.

    NCR Article - Civic payroll increases to sixteen million dollars-plus in listings of the 2021 SOFI Report Monday, June 13, 2022

    "The list below provides a better understanding of the remuneration pattern over the last decade, with the Total Employee Remuneration and Taxable Benefits noted as follows:"

    2021 -- $16,474,726
    2020 -- $15,138,518
    2019 -- $15,615,159
    2018 -- $15,076,582
    2017 -- $14,210,870
    2016 -- $13,563,909
    2015 -- $13,575,579
    2014 -- $12,708,559
    2013 -- $12,305,600
    2012 -- $12,884,077
    2011 -- $12,409,305
    2010 -- $12,099,475

    PS. In 2014, our infrastructure deficit had a $279 million price tag. In 2022, it is now $600 million and some in our community want to make it all about PRPA salaries. hmm...

    1. Not to mention the staff number has gone from 160-170 eight years ago to 250 plus now.
      Population is stagnant.