Monday, January 23, 2023

Parks and Recreation update on agenda for City Council members tonight

When we last left  our City Council members at work on the 9th of January, Councillor Nick Adey had been making an inquiry towards the progress on the City's Parks and Outdoor Recreation plan.

And from that ask of earlier this month, will come a report for Council from Planning Manager Myfannwy Pope tonight.

Ms. Pope's notes will outline some of the findings of a recent public engagement process with the community and what will come next towards the future for the development of parks an dRecreation planning.

From our follow up to the Councillor's questions of January 9th, we noted that some of the information that he was seeking was already available, that through the Rupert Talks portal that chronicles the work of city staff with community engagement.

You can review those notes from the portal from our item of January 12th

The findings from staff provide a good sample of what we think of the current state of our recreation areas and where we would like to see improvement and additions to what's currently available.

Ms.  Pope's full report for council can be reviewed from the Council Agenda for tonight starting on page 6.

More notes related to this evening's Council session can be examined from our Council Preview  here.

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