Monday, January 23, 2023

Council Preview: Monday, January 23 2023

Council members have a full night ahead for their final session for the month of January, with a Public Hearing, Committee of the Whole, Regular Council Session and Closed meeting all set to take place from 5 PM onwards.

The Public Hearing  is related to a proposal to waive parking requirements for new buildings, with the exception of residential-only buildings, in a parking specified area (PSA) in the downtown core.

(See notes here)

Our item from last week towards the Public hearing can be reviewed here.

The Public hearing Agenda is available here.

The Committee of the Whole will feature two presentations on the evening, one from Kerianne Smith a proponent for Batting Cages in the community, the other from housing advocate Paul Lagace.

The latter conversation topic one which could make for a fair bit of controversy as concerns over renovictions continue to be noted around the community.

The Committee of the Whole Agenda is available here.

The Regular Session will feature a significantly different approach from the past, with much more opportunity for public comment as part of new procedures adopted from the last Council Session.

The New approach makes for a new look to the Agenda package and two opportunities for the public to become involved in Council sessions, one at the start, the other at the conclusion of the evening's work.

As for the Agenda for the evening, the blueprint for the evening offers a range of topics up for review, most of them related to reports from a number of senior staffers and correspondences of note for Council.

Among the correspondences that Council will review, is a letter from the Prince Rupert Port Authority in support of the City's quest for Federal assistance on infrastructure concerns.

Reports for Council include a review of the Parks and Outdoor Recreation Plan from the Planning office.

The City Manager will introduce the Strategic Plan for the community for 2023-2026

Requests for letters of support, feature an application for an intern position for Administration/Human Resources, while Bylaws mostly related to road dedication changes round out the list on the evening.

The night wraps up with a chance for Councillors to raise any issues or concerns, as well as a final opportunity for public comment on the evening.

Tonight's Regular Council session starts at 7 PM and can be viewed by way of the Live Feed from the City Website, or on Cable Television from CityWest Cable channel 10/310.

The session is normally posted to the City's YouTube archive within 24 hours of the session concluding.

You can review the Regular Council Agenda Package for tonight here.  

Council will also host a Special Council Session.

The 5:00 PM meeting is closed to the public for the elements of the Community Charter cited below:

90.1 (g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality.

That Closed meeting marks the Second of the Closed Council sessions for 2023. 

The outline of Council's work ahead for the evening can be reviewed below:


Pubic Hearing Agenda

Call to Order -- The Mayor will call the Public Hearing to Order

Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 3504, 2022

Report from Planning  Re:  -- Council will receive a report from Planing related to the bylaw in question, which would waive parking requirements for new buildings, with the exception of residential-only buildings, in a parking specified area (PSA) in the downtown core.

Public Comment Period  -- Those in attendance will be offered the opportunity to speak to the subject of th Bylaw revisions. 

Adjournment of Public Hearing



Adoption of Agenda and Past minutes -- The Mayor will ask for the Agenda to be adopted.

Petitions and Delegations

Kerianne Smith -- Batting Cages

Paul Lagace  -- Renovictions

Questions and Inquiries from members of Council 

Council members will receive comments from the public ot speak to topics of note for them.

Adjournment to Regular Meeting



Adoption of Agenda and Past minutes -- The Mayor will review the Agenda for the evening and seek approval of Council  towards it. 

Recess to Committee to of the Whole -- Council members will shift to the Agenda for the Committee of the Whole (see items above)

Public Comments regarding Agenda items -- New to the Council procedures, this period offers a chance for those in attendance to speak to any items to be addressed on the Agenda for the evening. 

Consent Agenda

Council minutes -- Council will review and adopt the minutes of the January 9th session.

Staff Report related to Parks And Outdoor Recreation -- Council will receive a  report on Round one of the Engagement summary (see page 7 from the Agenda)

Correspondences  -- Council will receive a letter from the Prince Rupert Port Authority, sharing their support towards infrastructure funding for the City from the Federal Government (see page 28 from the Agenda)

Correspondences -- Council will receive an email from the Board and Committee Support from the North Central Local Government Association  (see page 30 from the Agenda)

Correspondences -- Bulletin from UBCM: Housing Summit  -- Council will review notes related to a proposed  UBCM led housing summit in April (see page 31 from the Agenda)

Correspondences -- Email from TC PAC Pacific Rail Engagement-- Council will hear the background towards potential funding for Rail Safety  (see page 33  from the Agenda)

Release of Closed Meeting Items  -- Council will release any items from Previous Closed Sessions


Council will be asked that all items of the Consent Agreementt be accepted and filed 

Staff Reports

Report from City Manager -- Re: 2023 to 2026 Strategic Plan -- City Manager Rob Buchan will outline the City's three year Strategic plan and ask for approval towards implementation. (see page 36 from the Agenda)

Report from The Communications Manager -- Re: Summary of Odd Eidsvik Park Consultation and Council support for PRPA Community Investment Fund Application  -- Council will hear of the community engagement and funding opportunity for the park. (see page 47 from the Agenda)

Report from The Communications Manager -- Re: Support for Application for Funding for Administration and Human Resources Internship position  -- Council will hear the details of the funding opportunity from NDIT towards the position  (see page 57 from the Agenda)

Report from The Corporate Administrator -- Re: Support for Prince Rupert Performing Arts application to NDIT towards their Cultural Infrastructure program  -- Council will hear details related to the funding opportunity that is available for the Lester Centre. (see page  59 from the Agenda)


City of Prince Rupert Road Dedication Bylaw -- No. 3512, 2023 -- Council will give second reading to the City of Prince Rupert Bylaw for the roadway near the Digby Tower. (see page 61  from the Agenda)

City of Prince Rupert Road Dedication Bylaw -- No. 3513 , 2023 -- Council will give second reading to the City of Prince Rupert Bylaw for the roadway noted between Park Avenue and Second Avenue West  (see page 66  from the Agenda)

City of Prince Rupert Official Community Plan Bylaw -- No. 3514 , 2023 -- Council will give first and second reading to the City of Prince Rupert Bylaw: It will allow exemptions to the Development Permit Guidelines in the Heritage Core Character area, related to building cloud and materials for businesses subject or internationally or nationally established guidelines  (see page 70 from the Agenda)

Business Arising

Council Round Table and Public Question Period -- An expansion of the previous Council comment period, with Councillors still to bring up topics of note or concern, As well the public will have opportunity to raise questions at this time.

Adjournment -- The Mayor will bring the session to a close with a call to adjourn

The live broadcast of the City Council Session can be found here, a video archive of the past sessions of Council is available from the City's YouTube archive.

Further notes related to this evening's session can be reviewed from our Council Session Archive page.

Our archive of all of the City Council sessions for 2023 is available here.

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