Friday, January 20, 2023

SD52 should add Informative to the vision statement as a reminder towards work needed on Board meetings


As the School District trustees and managers do the above daily affirmation at the SD52 Board office, perhaps some consideration towards more of a dedication towards a fourth element ...  Information

The missing ingredient this school year when it comes to keeping parents/guardians and those with an interest in public education informed on the activities of the elected Board of Education and the management of the School District.

Whether it's updates on when the Scheduled Board meetings take place, or an archive of what they talked about when they did take place ... the School District is getting a failing grade this year when it comes to information sharing.

Other than the published schedule of meetings above which was released in the fall, we haven't heard much of what the Board of Education which was elected to office in October is up to these days.

While they apparently met earlier this week, what they planned to talk about was unknown as the District Agenda page hasn't had a Current listing since December 13.

The District website has not featured much in the way of new information since the school year started. 

The social media pages more focused on the happenings in the classroom and social messaging themes and not the work of the Board as they chart the path of education in the community.

In an era of live-streaming, podcasts and other valuable options to deliver live proceedings, the fall sessions that have been noted, continued to use an invitation to a Zoom session as the portal of choice as was the case in an invitation which was issued in December.

However, the current method of chronicling the work,  often makes for a video and audio choice that for the most part makes the presentation hard to follow at best.

The You Tube archive of meetings that have been put aside for the history books offers up some of that theme, but it is an archive has not been updated since the new trustees took office in the fall.

Even the in house synopsis of selected themes of their work is hit and miss, the last release for the public on a Board meeting was posted to the SD52 website in November.

Considering the importance of their work for those with children in the public school system, a much more accessible option should be found, particular in a community where many work shift work and may not be able to meet the scheduled times and need for an RSVP from the timeline of meetings above.

Having a reliable and informative public record of whatever it is that they are doing these days, would at least give parents and guardians some idea as to what kind of decisions are being made that impact on their children.

Parents or guardians shouldn't have to do in depth research to find out when the Board meets or what they. may be wanting to talking about, or should they have to register for a session. 

All of that should be easily accessible and archived for review later, 

The start of the calendar year is also the period of time where SD52 initiates its financial planning and normally seeks out the engagement of the public.

Some of that information is available on the Financials and Budget page the process seemingly set to start at the end of this month.

Yet a look at the website and social media options doesn't seem to provide much of an indication or information  towards that important element of their work. 

With no advisories for those with an interest in the topic that it's available, or how to participate in that process that is moving forward in 2023.

SD52 website
Rupert Schools Facebook feed
SD52 twitter stream
SD52 Instagram

Considering the challenges that the SD52 Board of Education has had in delivering budgets in the last few years, as well as some still to be updated labour issues this winter at the District.  

Ensuring that what they do is available for review should be a focus for the elected officials before the February session comes around.

The notes on Education to date and in years past from the District can be reviewed through our archive page.

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