Friday, April 14, 2023

A Volcanic interruption for Northwest Aviation

There was 4,256 miles of volcanic ash in the air on Thursday
something which shut down aviation to the northwest for much of the day

As Travel Delays go, this week has one of those rare advisories of circumstances well beyond the control of the airlines. 

With the rumbling of a volcano on the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka a few days ago,  now responsible for the disruption to air travel plans in and out of Northwest area airports.

The volcano, in one of Russia's most active areas erupted on April 11th and sent an ash cloud some 19 kilometres into the sky, with the winds and air currents aloft taking it to the southwest and its rendezvous with aviation over Alaska and the North Coast and Northwest regions of British Columbia

That's an impressive travel pattern for the volcanic ash, with a transit of 4,256 kilometres to cross the North Pacific to disrupt flights.

The first of the flight cancellations came on Thursday with the daily flight between Prince Rupert and Vancouver among the listings of the cancellations, a situation shared by travellers out of Terrace and Smithers airports as well.


Thursday's advisories of bad travel news 

Flights were also cancelled for many Alaska airports as the air routes intersected with the travelling volume of volcanic ash that isn't particularly plane engine friendly.

Both Air Canada and officials at YVR are advising travellers to consult their airport updates for the status of flights today and into the weekend.

So far things look promising for a Friday flight, with the Flight Stats tracking program indicating that the 1PM departure out of Vancouver for Prince Rupert is On Time as Scheduled.

A positive sign so far for Friday, with the Daily flight to 
Prince Rupert still listed as On Time

However, checking ahead probably is a wise course of action for travellers.

Should YPR have anything further to share beyond their notes above, you can access that information from the Social Media page.

Some notes on the volcanic eruption and it's impact on aviation can be reviewed below:

More on aviation in the Northwest can be explored through our archive page

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